Explore Our Comprehensive Rangeof Maritime Electronics Solutions

Installation and Maintenance

Seamless installation and ongoing maintenance of marine electronic systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability on board.

Safety Solutions

We prioritize the safety and security of your vessel with advanced electronic solutions such as AIS (Automatic Identification System), VDR, EPIRB, and more.

Repair Services

We offer comprehensive repair services for a wide range of maritime electronic equipment, swiftly diagnosing and resolving issues to minimize downtime for your vessel.

Emergency Support

Count on our responsive team for 24/7 emergency support, equipped to address critical issues and provide timely solutions to keep your vessel operational.

Navigation Systems

From radar systems to GPS navigation, we provide top-of-the-line equipment and expertise to enhance navigation accuracy and safety at sea.


Expert consultation on electronic system upgrades and regulatory compliance, along with training to empower your crew for system operation.

Radio Equipment

GMDSS surveys, installation, repair and maintenance of communication systems, including satellite communication and radio equipment.

Equipment Supply

Delivery of high-quality maritime electronic equipment, ensuring timely supply. Reliable solutions tailored to your specifications and budget constraints



Tailored Solutions for Your Needs


All range of GMDSS equipment, AIS and satellite systems.


Gyrocompass, autopilot and steering systems, echosounder, logs, radars.


Voyage Data Recorders, BNWAS, SSAS, LRIT and other bridge equipment.

SBM Agreement

Shore-based maintenance contract with priority support.


Class radio survey, (S)-VDR APT and on-demand diagnostics.


Remote troubleshooting, technical advice. 

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Discover how our industry expertise drives personalized solutions, ensuring smooth integration and optimal performance of maritime electronics across all vessels.